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Calgary Zoo – Wild Canada AV Media & Digital Interactive

We designed, developed, and produced an ecosystem digital interactive and AV media for the Calgary Zoo’s newly developed Wild Canada exhibit and its impressive new habitat for the newly introduced polar bears ‘Baffin’ and ‘Siku’. We worked closely with the Zoo on concepts and scripts, experience design, through digital design/media production, and custom interactive software development. Ambient provided the AV for the project having spec’d, supplied, and installed the AV hardware for the newly opened exhibit. 

Two polar bear AV media experiences were produced to tell engaging interpretive stories with footage provided of polar bears, both in nature and in the habitat, on large outdoor displays situated outside the polar bear habitat. The media treatment follows the style established for the Wild Canada exhibitory. We implemented a feature for the Zoo to switch between the video-based media and imagery with messaging for when the polar bears may be out of sight. A third video was produced about the care and husbandry of Otters in their Zoo habitat.

A touch-screen digital interactive ecosystem was designed and developed to allow visitors to engage with conservation storytelling in an immersive interactive way that deepens their understanding around the notion of a balanced ecosystem. The interactive allows visitors to see the impacts that human activity have on the ecosystem health and allows them to add species of different types to balance the eco-system along with adding human developments to meet human needs. Visitors can take action with conservation to help restore the ecosystem balance.