Royal Canadian Artillery Museum Interactive

We worked closely with the Royal Canadian Artillery Museum on a digital interactive exhibit for the 150th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment. The digital interactive was designed and developed to be adaptive for touch-screens for their 150th Anniversary travelling exhibit, a touch-screen in-house interactive exhibit for visitors, and the web for engagement with online users. The content features the story of the Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment over the past 150 years focusing on key periods of war. The themes are grouped into the time periods and include artillery and ammunition (both large and small arms), detailed history, war campaigns, heroic and decorated gunners, uniforms and metals, technology, and more. A custom gesture-based interactive image gallery was developed for users on all platforms to intuitively browse the historic and fascinating imagery. The interactive is developed on a CMS for ease of updating by staff. The digital interactive accomplishes the objectives of advancing the honourable history of the RCA and educating visitors and users about it’s rich history over the last 150 years through an engaging and intuitive interactive digital experience.